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TOUR ROUTE; Theimussa (Üçağız) – Kekova Islands – Simena – Üçağız


It is a kind of closed sea transportation vehicle with a space in the middle for the rower to sit. Its origins lie in the "skis" used by the Eskimos for hunting and transportation. It is thought that the word Kayak comes from the Ural-Altaic language group. It can be produced from fiberglass, plastic or cloth and wood. Single skis are called K-1 or single, double skis are called K-2 or tandem or double. Sea kayak, which is the most ecological means of transportation known, is very suitable for sailor/sea conditions due to its close proximity to the water. It is possible to sail by providing the necessary equipment with seakayaks, which are a unique tool to feel the sea and enjoy the shores. Explore the desolate shores that cannot be reached by other means with the sea kayak, the most ecological means of transportation today. No noise, no pollution, the only thing you need to move around is the strength of your arms, and the voice of your heart to choose between beautiful bays...

MyMavitur; The heart of Lycia offers daily excursions where you can explore the enchanting turquoise shores of the Kas region... Indeed, the calm waters of the bays, away from the winds, will allow canoeists to enjoy themselves, swim in deserted coves, take a sunbath, or visit Lycian tombs, ancient cities and ruins. .

During our excursions, you will use two-person "Prijon-Excursion" canoes.

Most of our tours do not require any canoeing experience. Sea kayaking is a water sport that everyone can do and enjoy. At the beginning of each excursion, your guide will provide you with sea kayaking introductory information and practical tips. At the end of the first trip, you will be more competent for your further journeys in the following days.

You've never been this close to the sea.

While participating in our tour; Prefer cotton, light and loose clothing. A waterproof bag (money for your personal expenses, camera, binoculars, etc…), sandals and sunscreen cream are recommended for those with sensitive skin. Swimwear is one of the indispensable items that you should take with you. Hat is mandatory!

Adequate amount of drinking water (2 lt. per person) and some crackers, chocolate and dried fruit…

When buying your camera, do not forget to put it in your waterproof bag with the polarizing filter.

If you want to explore underwater while swimming during breaks, do not forget to take your fins, mask and snorkel with you. If you are a bird/nature watcher, keep your binoculars with you (without forgetting to protect them against moisture).


Include & Exclude


Kas Ucagiz service,
Insurance price,
Professional guide fee
canoe cost,
Tour Fee,
Return service to Kas,


Tea, coffee and other hot drinks are chargeable.
Moreover ; The entrance fees to the ruins on the tour route and optional land tours, airport transfers and transfers and expenses up to the point where a late passenger can reach the tour are the responsibility of the passenger.

Additional Services

Departure & Return


Except for the Kalkan – Kaş tour, no tour requires experience.
All Kekova tours start after the road transfer from Kaş to Üçağız (approximately 45 minutes).
Tours are conducted with a minimum of 6 people. Prices are per person, please contact Mymavitur office for pricing of larger groups, detailed tour program and conditions.
All multi-day canoe tours are of Class 2 difficulty. This degree of difficulty includes excursions where settlements are sparse, the current speed does not exceed 2 miles, the open sea crossing distance does not exceed 5 miles, there is little fluctuation, there are closed coves and safe berthing beaches every 1 mile, and the daily paddling time is less than 6 hours.
Mymavitur reserves the right to change prices.
Transportation to Kekova region; with our special services. We pick you up from your accommodation free of charge and go to Üçağız Village. After the tour, we pick you up from the same place and drop you off at your hotel. Free shuttle service is provided from Kaş peninsula hotels to our agency center, if notified by phone.
Please call us for daily canoe tours departure times and prices.

Tel:0554 340 01 50, 0252 612 00 39

This tour departs: 08:30 Kas / 07:45 Kalkan. Tour End: 18:00

A minimum of 6 participants is required for the activity to take place.


You can join the tour with your swimming clothes. However, it is better to bring a t-shirt to be worn under a hat and life jacket to avoid getting burned in the summer sun. We recommend that you have swimming goggles, snorkels and a towel to be used during the swimming breaks. Your devices such as camera, camcorder, phone must be waterproof and must have apparatus that you can attach to your life jacket in case it falls out of your hand. Apart from these, you should bring string for your sunglasses, sunscreen, dry spare clothes and a small waterproof bag for your personal belongings.

Lunch is included in the price of the tour. However, there are drinks taken with the meal and ice cream etc. that you can buy during the tour. You should have some money with you for the products.


Anyone who is at least 12 years old and has no significant health problems or disabilities can participate in this tour. Children must be accompanied by a parent or a responsible adult.




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