Fethiye Jeep Safari Saklıkent Canyon SECRET PARADISE Tour

Fethiye Jeep Safari Saklıkent Canyon SECRET PARADISE Tour  /  

Departing from Fethiye

TOUR ROUTE : Fethiye, Tlos Ancient City, Yakapark, Saklıkent Canyon, Canoe Tour on Eşen Stream, Mud Bath, Hidden Paradise, Fethiye

The tour starts at 09:30 and ends at 17:30. You will enjoy the excitement in nature that lasts throughout the day. A day full of activities awaits you. Guests from Fethiye are picked up from their accommodation at 08:00 - 09:15. Guide, weather, road, social, natural, technical etc. may make changes in the program for compelling reasons.


Tour Route

The tour starts with the collection of jeeps at the designated assembly point. The places we will see on our road route with our safari vehicles are as follows.

Tlos Ancient City: The city, which has a history of approximately 4000 years, still bears the traces of 4 different empires. There are many rock tombs, a church, a Roman bath, an ancient theater and a castle from the Ottomans. The city was home to Lycians, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans.

Yakaköy: Yakaköy is famous for its abundance of cold water springs and trout farms. The melting snow from Akdağ (3024 mt.), the highest mountain in the region, first goes underground and then to the surface by natural means. Yakaköy, which looks like a piece of heaven, always welcomes its visitors with its trout farms that look like a natural park, which is worth seeing.

Food: Near Saklıkent, next to a shimmering river, the delicious open buffet prepared with fresh vegetables from the surrounding area is simply wonderful. The menu, which consists of appetizers and 2 different main courses, leaves a mark in the minds.

Saklıkent: Saklıkent, one of the few canyons in the world, was formed about 1.8 million years ago by an earthquake. This place has a unique beauty as a magnificent feature and gift of Anatolia. The canyon is 18 km long and 600 meters high. ENTRY IS CHARGED, even if it is SYMBOLIC. Those who join the safari in Kanyon have the opportunity to see this beauty for 1 hour and see how powerful nature is.

Rafting: Ringo rafting, which has been organized since 1994 on Karaçay, which comes out of Saklıkent, is optional. Visitors who want to participate can make their reservations by contacting the guide in advance. Anyone from the age of 5 to 70 can participate in rafting. The magnificent rafting tour is carried out in the unbelievable nature in the company of professional guides and a track that lasts approximately 5 km (30-35 minutes).

Mud Bath: High mineral mud carried from Saklıkent by rain accumulates at the riverside. At the beginning of the season, our company creates a natural pool by the river with construction equipment. The sludge is allowed to flow and collect here. Mud, which is completely natural and odorless; When it is applied to the body and dried for 10-15 minutes and then washed, it takes our dead cells from our body. Our mud bath, which has absolutely no side effects, is also very enjoyable.

Patara Beach: The beach, located in the south of Patara district of Antalya, is the spawning area of "caretta caretta" (sea turtle). For this reason, construction is not allowed along a strip of approximately 5 km inland from the seaside to the 20 km long coastline. If we do not count the vegetation consisting of small maquis, the place we are going looks almost like a desert. After a swimming break of approximately 1 hour, we will set out for the hotels.

Recreation Facilities: On the return route, there is a 30-minute break in a facility with a swimming pool. Our visitors are dropped off at their hotels around 17-30 18-45 in the evening.

Include & Exclude


Hotel pick-up service,
Insurance price,
Professional guide fee
Food ,
Tour vehicle boarding fee,
General Tour Fee,
Return service to the hotel


If requested, the COST OF THE CASSETTE or CD taken from the shooting during the tour and all ALCOHOLIC NON ALCOHOLIC drinks belong to the guest.

Additional Services

Departure & Return

For Jeep Safari - Saklıkent Canyon - Mud Baths, Hidden Paradise tour; We pick up all our guests from their accommodation and drop them back to the same place for FREE at the end of the tour. Below are the points where our special services do SERVICE in Fethiye.

Fethiye Center,
Karagozler, Ovacik,
with Oludeniz Regions
Mymavitur Head Office located in Fethiye Bus Terminal.
is done in front of you.

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